Regular contact lens appointments "advisable" for wearers

Regular contact lens appointments "advisable" for wearers

It is advisable for people who wear contact lenses to have appointments with an eyecare professional at least every six months, according to one expert on the subject.

Keith Tempany, an independent contact lens specialist, said that twice-yearly appointments can help to identify any changes in people"s vision and prescription requirements over the space of a few months.

He explained that people who wear daily lenses in particular should ensure that they are regularly checked out, as it is vital that any changes to their requirements are addressed.

"You need to make sure their eyes are nice and healthy, the lenses aren"t creating any damage, and that they are going to be able to wear lenses for years to come," added Mr Tempany, who was also named contact lens practitioner of the year in the 2010 Optician Awards.

In a recent interview with ABC15.com, Dr Dave Thomas from Thomas Eye Care in Paradise Valley said that it is vital to undergo regular eye tests from a young age to ensure any problems are identified and treated early.

by Alexa Kaczka

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