New clinic offers help to the visually impaired

New clinic offers help to the visually impaired

By Alexa Kaczka

People suffering from severe eyesight problems have been offered hope by a new clinic which specialises in offering breakthrough technology to help them go about their daily lives in the normal manner.

The Chicago Lighthouse in Illinois was set up by Dr David Orth, professor of ophthalmology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, among others, and helps patients by examining how changes to their daily routines and the use of devices such as special lamps and phones could help them, the Chicago tribune reported.

"They're given a lot of options as to what might help them and not pressured in any way to accept one device over another," Dr Orth added.

Dr Tracy Matchinski, an optometrist and low-vision rehabilitation specialist at the clinic, also told the newspaper that some activities at the facility include reading mail, prescriptions and food labels for those with eye problems associated with diabetes.

Meanwhile, innovative eye surgery recently left Connecticut man Richard Galla able to see without glasses or contact lenses after a mysterious infection robbed him of his eyesight 60 years ago, the Danbury News Times reported.

by Martin Burns

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