"Seek out your optician", expert advises

"Seek out your optician", expert advises

The public have been advised to seek out their local optician and go for regular eye tests if they want to decrease their chances of developing damaging eye conditions.

According to Daska Barnett, an optometrist and founder of Specs of Kensington, it is essential that people are aware of the dangers associated with eye disease and help to reduce this risk by undergoing regular optical examinations.

"An eye examination is a really great healthcare thing to do, because there are certain diseases and so forth that we can pick up from a routine eye examination. So we are encouraging everyone to seek out their local optometrist and opticians," she explained.

Ms Barnett added that it is therefore advisable for people for people to have eye tests at least once every two years.

Her comments follow the publication of data by Sight Care, which revealed that almost half of people who spend more than five hours a day in front of a computer have not had their eyes tested in the last 12 months.

by Emily Tait

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