Drivers to receive eye tests

Drivers to receive eye tests

Motorists will receive eye tests as part of a winter road safety drive in Buckinghamshire.

Chiltern district council is holding a safety check on December 11th with participation from the AA, reports the Buckinghamshire Advertiser.

Portable eye equipment for tests will form part of the event.

Participants will also be shown by the AA how to check levels of anti-freeze, brake fluid and oil.

They will also be given gifts including a tyre depth gauge and a de-icer, among other useful items.

According to the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), wearers of contact lenses need to have their eyes tested regularly as well as the lenses themselves.

In addition, the RNIB says, a proper eye test ought to last for about half an hour and identifying problems early can often help stop one"s sight from deteriorating.

The organisation also warns that nearly half (47 per cent) of people over 60 do not have regular eye tests.

by Emily Tait

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