Parents reminded of toy danger

Parents reminded of toy danger

A campaign is being run to remind parents to bear the danger of eye injuries in mind when buying toys.

The American Academy of Opthalmology"s EyeSmart campaign warns parents that, in the US, accident and emergency departments saw more than 230,000 injuries related to toys last year, most of which were suffered by children younger than 15.

Dr Richard Bensinger of the academy told parents not to buy toys with "sharp, protruding or projectile parts", while the organisation also noted that children are often given hazardous gifts such as paintball and pellet guns.

Parents were also advised to supervise their children while playing and ensure that children have on protective eyewear when using sports equipment.

Meanwhile, a new type of contact lens has given a child in Wales his sight back.

Kristian Cook, a 14-yeard-old buy from Bangor, was diagnosed with the degenerative ailment keratoconus four years ago.

But after seeing a specialist at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, he was given scleral contact lenses, which have restored his sight.

by Adrian Galbreth

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