UV contact lenses "should be checked for protection levels"

UV contact lenses "should be checked for protection levels"

The protection levels offered by various types of UV-blocking contact lenses should be studied closely by people before they buy the products, one expert on the subject has warned.

Dr Stephen Cohen, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based optometrist and past president of the Arizona Optometric Association, said that there are plenty of different types of contact lenses on the market offering UV protection, but they have different absorption levels.

"For those who need vision correction, I recommend UV-absorbing contact lenses which provide an important measure of additional protection," he advised.

However, such lenses should also be worn with a wide-brimmed hat or other headwear which can help to keep the most damaging rays out of people"s eyes, particularly those who live in sunny climes, the expert added.

March saw the organisation Prevent Blindness America release its UV and Our Nation"s Vision white paper, which addressed the potentially damaging impact of UV rays on people"s vision.

by Martin Burns

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