Eye transplant helps woman regain vision

Eye transplant helps woman regain vision

A woman who underwent an eye transplant to restore her vision has spoken of her joy at being able to see for the first time since shortly after birth.

Asma Bibi from Gojra, who is 19, told the Express Tribune that the five-hour procedure was well worth it and she is now appreciating being able to admire the world around her for the first time since she can remember.

She explained how she was so used to "seeing" things with her hands that it was a strange sensation being able to use her eyesight to register people.

"I know it will take me a while to relearn everything and see the world through my eyes rather than my hands and other people"s description but it is amazing to finally be able to see my parents," she told the publication.

Meanwhile, visually-impaired people have been offered new hope by team of American and Chinese scientists investigating the role of stem cells in repairing damaged retinas, after demonstrating how stem cells can be isolated and transplanted between pigs, which could pave the way for improved retinal treatments in the future.

by Martin Burns

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