Children"s eyes "need maximum sun protection"

Children"s eyes "need maximum sun protection"

By Alexa Kaczka

Parents need to ensure their children's eyes are being protected from the sun from a very early age if they want to prevent their children from experiencing avoidable vision problems, one expert has noted.

Dr Christine Sindt, associate professor of clinical ophthalmology at the University of Iowa and chair of the American Optometric Association (AOA) Contact Lens and Cornea Council, said the effects of the sun can be hugely damaging to the eyes and are often underestimated.

She pointed out that, compared with adults, children have larger pupils which allow more light to enter their eyes, clearer lenses, and spend far more time outside without eye protection.

"That's why parents need to make sure their children get maximum protection from the sun beginning in childhood," Dr Sindt added.

Figures compiled by the AOA estimate that a significant amount of a person's lifetime exposure to UV rays occurs before the age of 18, with children's annual dose of radiation being three times greater than that of adults.

by Adrian Galbreth

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