Eye exercises "easy but effective"

Eye exercises "easy but effective"

Eye exercises are easy to do and important for people who spend a great deal of time in front of a computer screen, one health and wellbeing expert has explained.

Hermie Hogg, who has over 30 years" experience in healthy living consultancy, advised office workers to take time out during the day to carry out a simple eye exercises, which involves blinking very quickly repeatedly.

People then need to keep their eyes open, before slowly moving the eyeball from the left to the right three times, from the top to the bottom three times and around in a clockwise then anticlockwise motion three times.

Ms Hogg explained: "That"s all you have to do, and it takes a minute. It makes such a difference for your work because you have blinked, the eyes don"t dry out from all the computer work."

In a related article only recently, Daska Barnett, an optometrist and founder of Specs of Kensington, said people who spend a large proportion of their day in front of a computer screen should have their eyes tested on a regular basis.

by Adrian Galbreth

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