Eye tests "like an all-round health check"

Eye tests "like an all-round health check"

Going for an eye test to determine whether a person needs glasses or contact lenses can be compared to an all-round health check because of the number of things it can detect, one expert has observed.

According to David Cartwright, director of professional services for Boots Opticians, there are many very serious conditions which can be identified through having an eye test, ranging from glaucoma to cataracts.

"It is also possible to identify early diabetes and cardiovascular disease, allowing people to take preventative measures. So there are many, many good reasons," he explained.

The expert added that, once identified, the optometrist can then correct vision, and help to slow down the development of any conditions threatening eyesight.

Recently, Daska Barnett, an optometrist and founder of Specs of Kensington, said it is essential that people are aware of the dangers associated with eye disease and help to reduce this risk by undergoing regular optical examinations.

by Adrian Galbreth

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