Targeting speciality lenses "the way forward"

Targeting speciality lenses "the way forward"

By Martin Burns

Targeting the specialty contact lens market will be the way forward for Unilens as the company aims for further growth, it has been claimed.

Michael Pecora, chief executive officer of the organisation, said that focusing on certain demographics and emerging markets will be key to helping sustain growth and increase sales of contact lenses.

He explained: "Looking forward, we continue to believe that Unilens can realise significant sales growth by targeting the specialty segment of the contact lens market in order to benefit from demographic trends in America."

Another key issue will be working closely with independent eyecare practitioners to develop sales and marketing strategies which can help to increase patient retention and profitability, Mr Pecora noted.

His comments follow the firm's announcement that its custom soft lens sales have risen by 34 per cent.

Earlier this year, Mr Pecora claimed that Unilens Vision's C-Vue Advanced HydraVUE lenses will improve the treatment options for people with presbyopia, or the inability to focus on close objects.

by Emily Tait

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