Contact lens solution "an important component"

Contact lens solution "an important component"

By Alexa Kaczka

Using contact lens solution regularly and properly is an important way of keeping eye health up to scratch, but some people are failing to do this, a new study has found.

Research by Johnson & Johnson shows that, although 75 per cent of contact lens wearers using solution emptied it from the lens case in the morning, only 46 per cent replaced it with fresh solution.

The contact lens manufacturer noted that failure to empty and replace the correct amount of solution was a key cause of a Fusarium outbreak in 2005.

Other results from the study showed that the average frequency for cleaning the lens case was two to three times per week, with 30 per cent cleaning them daily.

Recently, the Irish Independent noted that contact lens cases need to be cleaned regularly to minimise the risk of infection, using an appropriate cleaning fluid which is approved by health agencies.

by Emily Tait

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