Contact lenses "helped Meaghan Martin feel confident"

Contact lenses "helped Meaghan Martin feel confident"

By Emily Tait

Actress Meaghan Martin has revealed how turning to contact lenses helped to develop her confidence and enabled her to become the global superstar she is today.

The Camp Rock actress noted how she used to be very conscious of her glasses and felt they held her back from expressing herself, but this all changed when she switched to lenses.

"Like most young women, the years of glasses, braces, pimples and fashion drama were hard on me. When I finally got my braces off and got contact lenses, I felt better, more confident," she explained.

However, the 19-year-old actress noted that she was not actually being treated any differently – the contact lenses simply made her feel better about herself so it felt like attitudes towards her had changed.

Meanwhile, baseball player Ryan Perry recently noted that his success with the Detroit Tigers may be attributable to contact lenses after switching from glasses and enhancing his on-field abilities.

by Alexa Kaczka

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