Eyecare experts "must discuss low-light vision"

Eyecare experts "must discuss low-light vision"

It is vital that eyecare experts prescribing glasses or contact lenses discuss with their patients the difference between low-light and bright environments and how their vision may be affected, one specialist has claimed.

Dr Nick Dash, from MCOptom, said that glasses and lenses which work perfectly in the day may sometimes provide problems for people at night due to the way in which light is reflected.

He explained that sometimes means everyday activities, such as driving at night, can be impacted because vision is affected by spherical aberration, which contributes to irregularities in the visual system.

"It is important for eyecare professionals to discuss vision in low-light situations with their patients to ensure solutions are identified for patients experiencing halos and glare," the specialist warned.

Meanwhile, Tasmanian health minister Michelle O"Byrne recently explained how testing can help eyecare professionals to detect health problems and prescribe the correct treatments to people.

by Martin Burns

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