New pathway "could reverse retina damage"

New pathway "could reverse retina damage"

A novel approach developed by experts in the US may be able to help people suffering from retinal damage, it has been claimed.

According to specialists at Cincinnati Children"s Hospital Medical Center, an approach that involves a new molecular pathway used to suppress blood vessel branching in the developing retina can play a key role in reversing eye damage.

The experts noted that myeloid blood cells, which are involved in the immune system, use a molecular pathway to guide blood vessel patterning in the retina, but researchers were able to reverse this pathway to accelerate the growth of branching vessels.

According to the authors, writing in the journal Nature, this could be important for developing new methods for repairing damaged tissue.

Meanwhile a recent study carried out by Mototsugu Eiraku and Yoshiki Sasai, of Japanese research foundation RIKEN, and colleagues discovered that embryonic stem cells in mice can assemble to form an optic cup, which could lead to new eye therapies.

by Alexa Kaczka

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