Cataracts "can form at any age"

Cataracts "can form at any age"

People have been reminded that cataracts can form at any age and have been told to look out for the signs of the eye condition developing.

According to an article in the Toronto Sun, there is a growing misconception that cataracts are only prevalent among older people.

However, this is not the case, and therefore many youngsters are not aware of the risks associated with them.

The source noted that anybody experiencing cloudy or blurred vision or a gradual deterioration in their long or short eyesight needs to contact a professional for a consultation.

"People are still in the dark as to what cataracts are, how they evolve, why they may need removal, and how it"s done. Blurred vision, difficulty with glare and visual changes are symptoms," the source warned.

Meanwhile, Dr Tom Spetalnick, clinical director of the Woolfson Eye Institute in Georgia, recently told WSBT online that people should not take risks with their vision, as doing so can ultimately ruin their lives.

by Martin Burns

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