Silicon hydrogel lenses "becoming more popular"

Silicon hydrogel lenses "becoming more popular"

The popularity of silicone hydrogel contact lenses is continuing to increase, but it is important for consumers using the lenses to follow manufacturers" instructions, one sector expert has advised.

According to Dr. Jeanette Romualdez Oo, professional services consultant of Alcon - formally, Ciba Vision, the fact that more people are wearing contact lenses than ever before only increases the need for people to follow proper contact lens hygiene regimens.

"As silicone hydrogel lenses become more common in the market, consumers must understand the right way to wear their contact lenses," she explained to PhilStar.com.

In particular, it is important for women to be extra careful when applying or removing make up if they are wearing contact lenses in order to avoid infection, she said.

Recently, Dr Jeffrey Walline, from the Ohio State University"s College of Optometry, said rubbing and rinsing of the lens surface can help to "maximise lens performance" and "minimise adverse events".

by Emily Tait

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