New laser eye surgery technology "better than ever"

New laser eye surgery technology "better than ever"

New technology used to carry out laser eye surgery is better than ever and is significantly safer than early forms used, according to one expert.

Jay Herman, president of Sigmacon, which sells the latest generation of lasers used in Canada, told the 16:9 on Global TV that people who claim laser eye surgery is not safe often have incomplete information.

He explained that one recent investigation into the safety of Lasik laser eye surgery used data based on first and second generation lasers, whereas the newest type of technology is far superior.

Canadian Opthamological Society representative Dr. Guillermo Rocha added that the procedure is generally extremely safe, "It has been incredible in terms of the amount of precision, the safety, the efficacy that we have seen over the past 15, 16 years."

Meanwhile, the Cornea Research Foundation of America is undertaking a study of contact lenses and Lasik laser eye surgery to compare patient satisfaction.

by Martin Burns

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