Patient reveals success of new corneal procedure

Patient reveals success of new corneal procedure

A new type of procedure to correct the cornea has been hailed by one man who has successfully benefitted from the treatment.

Carl Evans, 27, suffers from keratoconus and told Sky News how the condition was significantly hampering his everyday life, until he turned to a new type of treatment known as keraflex, which helps to restore the shape of the eye.

So far he has had one eye treated and found the procedure was a huge success and is now planning on having the other eye treated.

"I wasn"t expecting it to work so well. I wasn"t able to see the top letter on an eye chart from a metre away. Now I can read four or five lines and read a newspaper without having to squint as much," he told the source.

Meanwhile, studies into the development of retinopathy of prematurity and how it can be stopped or slowed at Queen"s University, Belfast, have the potential to change the lives of thousands of children, researchers have claimed.

by Emily Tait

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