Contact lenses "can solve many vision issues"

Contact lenses "can solve many vision issues"

Contact lenses can help to solve many everyday vision issues and give wearers peace of mind, one expert on the subject has noted.

Dr Carla Mack, director of global medical affairs for Bausch + Lomb, said that contact lens manufacturers are constantly designing new innovations to make life easier for wearers.

She made the comments after a study commissioned by her organisation found that several contact lens wearers around the planet suffer from problems associated with halos and glares in certain conditions.

However, Dr Mack commented: "At Bausch + Lomb, we believe there is an opportunity for eyecare professionals to address these common and bothersome symptoms with their patients."

She added that aspheric contact lenses can help patients achieve optimal visual correction with no halos or glare.

Meanwhile, a new system has been developed through a partnership between Bausch + Lomb and Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH in the shape of a femtosecond laser that is capable of performing both refractive and cataract procedures. 

by Alexa Kaczka

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