Expert: Eye procedures do not have to include lasers

Expert: Eye procedures do not have to include lasers

People considering undergoing an operation to correct cataracts or another form of eye problem do not necessarily need to have laser surgery, one expert has noted.

According to Dr Sheldon Herzig, medical director of the Herzig Eye Institute in Toronto, speaking to the Toronto Sun, new procedures to correct cataracts generally avoid the need for lasers.

He explained: "We use ultrasound energy. That"s modern technology - beautiful and very safe. We determine what lens power to put in based on mathematical formulas, and there are subtle variations patient to patient."

Dr Herzig added that the "ultimate goal" among professionals in the sector is to formulate a procedure which can help to restore people"s vision to the same condition it was in when the person was 20 years old.

Meanwhile, innovative eye surgery recently left Connecticut man Richard Galla able to see without glasses or contact lenses after a mysterious infection robbed him of his eyesight 60 years ago, the Danbury News Times reported.

by Adrian Galbreth

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