Contact lens wearers "must consider the climate"

Contact lens wearers "must consider the climate"

People who wear contact lenses need to consider the climate in which they live, as this can have a significant bearing on their experience with the products, one expert has advised.

According to Professor Mohammad Idris Adhi, chairman of the Ophthalmology Department at Civil Hospital, Karachi, 90 per cent of Pakistan"s contact lens wearers have an elevated risk of infection because of the climate and so need to take precautions to ensure they minimise danger.

He told the Pakistan Observer that pollution also increases the risk of infection and so it is important to try and avoid harmful environments.

"I strongly suggest the users not to go for the "extended wear" lenses as climatic conditions in the country are not favourable for such pairs," he advised.

Recent contact lens safety advice was issued by Dr Jeffrey Weaver, executive director of the American Board of Optometry in St Louis, Missouri, who told the Wall Street Journal that he believes contact lenses can offer protection against UV rays, but should be used in conjunction with other safeguards.

by Martin Burns

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