Contact lenses "are a great way to change eye colour"

Contact lenses "are a great way to change eye colour"

People looking to alter their appearance and take it one step further may find that coloured contact lenses help them achieve this aim, it has been claimed.

Dr David Dunaief, writing for the Times Beacon Record, pointed out that coloured contact lenses may even be the only option for those hoping to change the hue of their iris and radically alter their appearance.

Unlike bodybuilders who can alter their physiques by lifting weights and the likes of hair dye and tattoos which can drastically alter people"s appearance, only coloured contact lenses can change the eyes, the expert explained.

"It"s true that traits like height and eye colour are dictated solely by the genes you inherit, however you can change your eye colour, albeit only temporarily, with contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses are often seen on celebrities, for example, model Amber Rose has been spotted stepping out in red contacts.

by Adrian Galbreth

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