Dry eye breakthrough "could lead to new treatments"

Dry eye breakthrough "could lead to new treatments"

A new scientific breakthrough which has identified the cause of dry eye syndrome could lead to new treatments for a condition that affects millions of people, one specialist has noted.

Dr John Wherry, deputy editor of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, where the new Harvard Medical School study was published, said that gaining an insight into the natural killer cells that cause dry eye syndrome could make the formulation of therapies easier and more accurate.

He noted that dry eye syndrome is a "very serious problem". Although it is treatable through eyedrops, these are often not enough because they only target the symptoms of the disease.

"This research gets us closer to being able to correct the problems before they even occur in the first place," the expert said.

Meanwhile, a recent contact lens safety warning was issued by car insurance company Swinton, which reminded drivers wearing contact lenses that they need to check their prescription regularly to ensure they are safe when hitting the road.

by Martin Burns

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