Contact lens wearers given suntan lotion tips

Contact lens wearers given suntan lotion tips

By Emily Tait

People who wear contact lenses have been given some tips to help ensure they are as comfortable as possible when in the sun this summer.

A post on the health and wellbeing resource Fit Sugar noted that contact lens wearers need to think about the products they will be putting on their face, such as suntan lotion, and how these may react with their contact lenses.

"It's a no-brainer for contact lens wearers to use waterproof sunscreen on their faces so when they sweat or swim, it doesn't drip into their eyes, But make sure the sunscreen you slather on the rest of your body is waterproof as well," the source advised.

This way, even if people wipe their forehead with their arm, the suntan lotion will not drip into their eyes and sting them, the advice column noted.

Meanwhile, recent contact lens safety advice was issued by Dr Jeffrey Weaver, executive director of the American Board of Optometry in St Louis, Missouri, who told the Wall Street Journal that certain contact lenses can offer protection against UV rays, but should be used in conjunction with other safeguards.

by Martin Burns

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