New study "could lead to greater visual care"

New study "could lead to greater visual care"

A recent study into the way in which blind people see could lead to the creation of new visual aids, it has been claimed.

According to Dr Charlotte Codina, who worked on a new study which discovered that deaf people see better because their retinas develop differently, a number of research possibilities have now been opened up.

She noted that it had previously been doubted that the retina was able to change to such a degree, and so the findings have "great implications" for the way in which that particular part of the eye is understood to work.

"Our hope is that as we understand the retina and vision of deaf people better, we can improve visual care for deaf people, the sense which is so profoundly important to them," Dr Codina added.

Meanwhile, new, innovative forms of treatment for blind people are now a possibility following research into spatial awareness at the University of Edinburgh, it was recently claimed.

by Adrian Galbreth

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