Eyecare advice offered to people in stormy climates

Eyecare advice offered to people in stormy climates

People who live in climates prone to regular storms have been offered advice on how to protect their vision in the wind and rain.

According to eye surgeon Dr Himanshu Mehta, writing for Daily News and Analysis, severe wind and rain can cause people eyesight problems, and so it is important that the likes of glasses and contact lenses wearers take precautions.

The source advised: "Avoid touching your eyes with dirty or unwashed hands. Protect your eyes from wind, especially if you are using contact lenses. And try to resist the temptation to splash through water-logged streets in the rains."

It added that people can also help to minimise infection by always following manufacturer instructions packaged with the lenses.

Meanwhile, a recent contact lens safety warning was issued by car insurance company Swinton, which reminded drivers wearing contact lenses that they need to check their prescription regularly to ensure they are safe when hitting the road.

by Adrian Galbreth

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