Light exposure "affects eyesight quality"

Light exposure "affects eyesight quality"

Exposure to light when people are very young has an effect on the quality of their eyesight when they grow older, according to the latest research.

A study carried out by David Berson, professor of neuroscience at Brown University, showed that nascent animal brains use light to wire up or construct their central vision system.

According to the expert, this shows that DNA only plays a certain role in developing vision, and the rest is dependent on environmental factors, such as exposure to light.

He elaborated: "Through a combination of light-independent and light-dependent processes, the visual system is getting tuned up over time."

Professor Berson added that light exposure can enhance how well mice can organise the nerve endings from their left eye and their right eye in an area of the brain where they start out "somewhat jumbled".

Meanwhile, recent research carried out by experts at the University of Sheffield and funded by RNID – Action on Hearing Loss, found that deaf people have better eyesight than the average person because their retinas develop slightly differently.

by Adrian Galbreth

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