Optometrists "could cope with contact lens prescriptions"

Optometrists "could cope with contact lens prescriptions"

By Martin Burns

Optometrists in Malaysia could easily cope with having the responsibility of prescribing all of the country's contact lenses, one expert has claimed.

After the Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO) suggested to the country's health ministry that opticians should be barred from prescribing contacts unless they have the same qualification as optometrists, AMO president Tan Thok Chuan said that his organisation has made the necessary calculations.

He pointed out that there are currently 900,000 contact lens wearers in Malaysia and their eyecare should not be compromised.

"As there are currently 881 registered optometrists and 560 opticians permitted to prescribe and dispense contact lenses, we can derive a ratio of one contact lens practitioner to every 625 contact lens wearers," Mr Chuan told the Star Online.

He said this would be more than enough to cope with the demand for contact lenses from the hundreds of thousands of wearers in the country.

Meanwhile, a key message emanating from the British Contact Lens Association's recent annual meeting was the need for proper contact lens compliance among wearers to ensure safety, Optician Online reported.

by Emily Tait

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