Hygiene "very important" to protect eyes

Hygiene "very important" to protect eyes

By Alexa Kaczka

It is vital that people aiming to look after their eyes take measures to ensure their eyecare regimens are as hygienic as possible, one expert has advised.

According to Dr Jamuna Pai, speaking to DNA India, people need to avoid wearing excessive amounts of make up around the eyes if they are to avoid infection, as this can run when it rains.

The expert added that some of the most common eye-related problems are conjunctivitis, dry eyes and styes, and pointed out that people should consult their doctor for "timely treatment" if they contract any of these conditions.

"Hygiene is very important to combat most diseases. Make it a habit to wash your hands regularly and avoid wearing contact lenses if you suffer from any infection," Dr Jai added.

Recently, eye safety advice was issued by experts at the annual meeting of the British Contact Lens Association, who stressed the need to ensure proper contact lens compliance to protect eyesight.

by Adrian Galbreth

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