"Protect your eyesight" at festivals

"Protect your eyesight" at festivals

By Alexa Kaczka

With the UK festival season now officially underway, it is important that people bear a few things in mind before heading away for the weekend – including the need to protect their eyesight.

As hygiene is not exactly at the top of people's lists when they descend on a muddy field for the weekend, it is understandable that people will be getting dirty, but revellers can follow a couple of simple tips to ensure they do not experience any problems, said Zara Rabinowicz, beauty writer, expert and editor of Kiss & Makeup.

She explained: "Eye infections are easy to [pick up] at events like this, so don't share your mascara or eyeliner with anyone."

Ms Rabinowicz added that people should also aim to wear sun cream whenever they are out in the open to prevent them from getting burned.

Another option for festival-goers to protect their vision could be sunglasses or UV contact lenses, which can help protect the eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

by Martin Burns

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