Damaging children"s eye condition "may not require surgery"

Damaging children"s eye condition "may not require surgery"

An eye condition which can cause long-term visual impairment in children may be able to be treated without the need for surgery, as is normally the case, experts have discovered.

Specialists at Hasbro Children"s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, US, have reported that medical management through antibiotics could be a preferable option to surgery in children with orbital cellulitis, which is an acute infection of the tissues surrounding the eye.

Usually, surgery to drain the abscess and antibiotic therapy is the usual course of treatment for sufferers whose condition has progressed.

However, in those whose cellulitis has not resulted in a large abscess, antibiotic treatment could be an effective means of treating the condition, said Dr Yoash Enzer, an ophthalmologist at the hospital.

"Surgery when medical management options exist is preferable for our patients and their families, and for the health system as a whole," he added.

Meanwhile, recent research published in the journal Human Gene Therapy suggested that diseases of the eye are an excellent target for gene therapy because the ocular environment is readily accessible, relatively easy to monitor and sequestered from the rest of the body.

by Adrian Galbreth

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