Eyes "must be tested" before driving a vehicle

Eyes "must be tested" before driving a vehicle

People who think their vision may be poor must ensure they have their eyes tested before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, one expert has warned.

According to Dr Susan Blakeney, the optometric advisor for the College of Optometrists, in many cases drivers may not be aware of just how bad their vision is and could potentially be putting other people"s lives, as well as their own, in jeopardy by getting behind the wheel.

"I would say that, first of all, they should go and see an optometrist to see if something could be done about it. It could be just that they need to have their glasses updated," she advised.

What they should avoid is driving in the knowledge that their vision is poor, without doing anything to solve the problem, the specialist warned.

A recent safety warning was issued by car insurance company Swinton, which reminded drivers wearing contact lenses or glasses that they need to check their prescription regularly to ensure they are safe when hitting the road.

by Martin Burns

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