Workers "not taking screen breaks"

Workers "not taking screen breaks"

Many UK employees whose jobs involve working in front of a computer never take a screen break, the latest figures have suggested.

Research carried out by the Eyecare Trust and Simplyhealth shows that ten per cent of the country"s workforce never take a break during a day in front of the computer.

In addition, only one in five take regular screen breaks to safeguard their eyes against fatigue, which could be putting many people"s vision at risk.

This is despite 90 per cent of office workers admitting that they suffer from the symptoms of screen fatigue, including headaches, eyestrain and problems with their near and long-distance vision.

Recently, Hermie Hogg, who has over 30 years" experience in healthy living consultancy, said eye exercises are easy to do and important for people who spend a great deal of time in front of a computer screen.

by Martin Burns

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