Employees "not aware of eye test benefits"

Employees "not aware of eye test benefits"

Many employees are not aware of the benefits of eye tests, as well as the fact that they are legally entitled to them, one expert has pointed out.

Daska Barnett, optometrist and founder of Specs of Kensington, pointed out that employees who work in front of a screen for a significant portion of the day are entitled to free eye tests paid for by their employer.

However, she explained that many workers are not only unaware of this, but of the benefits of eye examinations in general.

The expert explained: "People just don"t necessarily appreciate the symptoms that they have and that the cost of an eye examination will be picked up by their employer. It"s something that they should seek out."

According to a recent poll conducted by Eyecare Trust and Simplyhealth, 40 per cent of employees are unaware they can claim a free sight test from their employer if they regularly use a computer monitor at work.

by Martin Burns

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