"Save your life" with an eye test

"Save your life" with an eye test

People who undergo regular eye tests could potentially be saving their lives.

A survey carried out by the organisation showed that 61 per cent of people did not know a brain tumour can be picked up during an eye examination, while 32 per cent are unaware that an eye test could be used to identify the symptoms of eye cancer.

"While the benefits of regular checks for the sake of your eyesight is obvious, new research shows many of us are unaware of the other serious health conditions and diseases that can be diagnosed with a sight test," the organisation explained.

It also pointed out that sight tests can show high cholesterol levels in a patient, as well as high blood pressure and diabetes.

It comes after James Glover, spokesman for the healthcare organisation Simplyhealth, recently noted that companies are legally obliged to protect the eyesight of employees who regularly use a visual display unit for an hour or more each day.

by Adrian Galbreth

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