Bausch + Lomb plans new product showcases

Bausch + Lomb plans new product showcases

By Martin Burns

A new range of products will be showcased by contact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb this week, when the company displays its new wares at the American Optometric Association's annual meeting in Salt Lake City.

According to the firm, it is aiming to improve its line of products in every area of the contact lens market.

"The company that brought the first soft contact lens to market 40 years ago this month will showcase product innovations and scientific research focused on improving patient care, outcomes and quality of life this week," B + L stated.

It added that there are "unmet needs" in the eyecare industry, and it will be hoping to meet these with its new line of products.

Recently, B+L unveiled a new line of flight packs for contact lens wearers entitled Biotrue, which are intended to help people travelling on holiday by providing a convenient package containing a case and contact lens solution. 

by Emily Tait

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