Working in an office "can affect eye health"

Working in an office "can affect eye health"

People who work in an office all day may find that doing so has a direct impact on the quality of their vision, it has been claimed.

The way in which a person sits in front of their computer, for example, can affect their eyesight if the screen is not at an optimum height, said Anna Turvey, superintendent optician at a large high street Opticians.

She advised people to set up their computer screen "as low as possible" to help safeguard their vision.

"The maximum height you would want your computer to be is about eye level, preferably lower than eye level. It is easier for your eyes to focus on a near object when it is lower down," Ms Turvey added.

It comes after James Glover, spokesman for the healthcare organisation Simplyhealth, recently noted that companies are legally obliged to protect the eyesight of employees who regularly use a visual display unit for an hour each day.

by Martin Burns

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