Many drivers "not aware of vision requirements"

Many drivers "not aware of vision requirements"

Many motorists are not aware that there are special vision requirements that people need to maintain if they drive a vehicle, a specialist has pointed out.

According to Dr Susan Blakeney, the optometric advisor for the College of Optometrists, many drivers are unaware of simple rules such as having to be able to read a number plate 20 metres away.

People who cannot do so, either with the naked eye or when wearing glasses or contact lenses, must either go for an eye test or have their prescription updated, she noted.

"They might think that their vision is still good enough for driving. They think they might be safe anyway because they might adapt their driving and maybe drive a bit more slowly to compensate for their poor vision," she suggested.

However, this is no excuse for motorists not to exhibit proper care and caution, Dr Blakeney noted.

Dr Nick Dash, from MCOptom, explained that sometimes everyday activities, such as driving at night, can be impacted because vision is affected by spherical aberration, which contributes to irregularities in the visual system.

by Martin Burns

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