CooperVision unveils new contact lenses

CooperVision unveils new contact lenses

By Martin Burns

CooperVision has unveiled the latest addition to its range of contact lenses, the Biofinity Multifocal, at an industry conference in the US.

The company revealed the product at the American Optometric Association's annual conference in Utah, explaining that the monthly lens will complement the existing products in the Biofinity range.

It combines the Biofinity Asphere and Toric lens material with proven Balanced Progressive technology and was developed through correspondence with eyecare professionals, said Richard Clompus, vice-president of Global Professional Relations at CooperVision.

"Collaborating with the practitioners who work directly with lens wearers every day and understanding that every eye is unique - that's how we're able to bring outstanding new products to market time and again," he added.

CooperVision also recently altered its logo and corporate identity, something that Lisa Fawcett, vice-president of global marketing for the company, said will help to highlight its commitment to consumers.

by Alexa Kaczka

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