Protect your eyes as corks fly

Protect your eyes as corks fly

A warning has been given to revellers who may need to keep an eye out of flying corks this Christmas.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has reminded consumers that although festive champagne toasts can be fun, they come with an amount of risk.

A clinical correspondent for the organisation, Dr Tamara Fountain, said corks popped out of bubbly bottles can travel up to 50 mph.

If they were to hit someone in the eye, serious injuries could occur, she explained.

"Anything that travels with such momentum can have a devastating effect if it strikes your eye," Dr Fountain added.

Christmas might be a good time for contact lenses and glasses wearers to exercise caution and protect their eyes as much as possible.

It might also be wise to stock up on lenses to take you through the festive period. Daily disposables can be bought in bulk, which can reduce the price and inconvenience for wearers.

by Adrian Galbreth

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