Poor eyesight causes falls among many older people

Poor eyesight causes falls among many older people

A major factor among many older people suffering falls in and around the home is poor eyesight, a recent report has found.

Research carried out by Age UK shows that 270,000 people in the UK aged over 60 who have fallen in the last two years say that poor vision was a factor in their fall.

Although many factors can contribute to a fall, studies have found a link between visual impairment and the incidence of falling and the new research supports this theory.

According to Age UK, it highlights how older people need to have frequent eye check-ups to identify whether their vision is deteriorating and putting them at risk of injury.

It comes after a recent news article also pointed out that sight tests can help to show high cholesterol levels in a patient, as well as factors like high blood pressure and the development of diabetes.

by Adrian Galbreth

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