Event highlights importance of contact lens compliance

Event highlights importance of contact lens compliance

By Martin Burns

An event in the US has helped to raise awareness of the importance of contact lens compliance and how people will ensure their eyes stay safe if they adhere to manufacturer instructions.

The symposium, hosted at the Avenue Mall in Jacksonville, Florida, was attended by Acuvue brand Contact Lenses, by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, and showed people how to correctly insert and remove contacts as well as follow proper hygiene regimens, AME.info reported.

Industry professionals at the event also aimed to dispel many contact lens myths and highlight how regular visits to the optician can help to ensure contact lens prescriptions are up to date.

It follows a recent statement by Dr Dale Buettner, an optometrist at Wisconsin Vision in Franklin, US, who said that he thinks anyone can be a perfect candidate for contact lenses as long as they are responsible individuals and follow manufacturer recommendations closely.

by Martin Burns

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