Contact lens care preferences "differ between countries"

Contact lens care preferences "differ between countries"

The products which people use to clean and care for their contact lenses can vary greatly between countries, a new report has revealed.

Recent AC Nielsen MarketTrack data shows that contact lens wearers in some countries are beginning to turn to hydrogen peroxide care systems as a means of looking after their contact lenses.

Between Canada and the US, for instance, nearly 25 per cent of wearers in the former country use hydrogen peroxide lenses, while only 15.9 per cent do so in the States.

However, by far the most popular way of caring for contacts remains contact lens solution, favored by over half of wearers in both countries.

This is despite just 4.7 per cent of multipurpose contact lens solutions sold in Canada being generic brands, in comparison to over a quarter in the US being generic.

It comes after recent research by Johnson & Johnson showed that, although 75 per cent of contact lens wearers using solution emptied it from the lens case in the morning, only 46 per cent replaced it with fresh solution.

by Emily Tait

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