Awareness of child vision issues "needs to be greater"

Awareness of child vision issues "needs to be greater"

There needs to be greater awareness of vision problems among children in order to prevent long-term sight issues developing, two experts have warned.

Manish Sharma and Manish Jobanputra, founders of Fine Feather, which looks at health issues affecting children, said that better awareness programmes in school can help to identify eyesight problems early and stop them developing.

The experts told the Times of India that children who suffer from vision problems may begin to feel insular and separate themselves from their friends because they are not able to perform certain tasks to the same standard.

"Either schools should take up regular and detailed health check-ups of the students or insist upon the parents to regularly take their children for check-ups and submit the certificates to the schools," Mr Jobanputra said.

According to Kevin Lewis, former president of the College of Optometrists, speaking to Gulf News recently, one way of tackling the problem of children suffering from poor eyesight is to prescribe them contact lenses which can help to provide full vision.

by Martin Burns

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