Subaru launches new eyesight technology

Subaru launches new eyesight technology

By Adrian Galbreth

Car manufacturer Subaru has launched what it hopes will be the next step in road safety - the Eyesight system.

The technology is implemented in the front of each car and can register pedestrians, cyclists and other road users as the driver is moving down a road.

It is hoped that the device, which should alert the motorist whenever people are in front of the moving vehicle, improve the safety of both the person driving the car and other people around them.

Speaking to the Auto Channel, Nick Senior, managing director at Subaru Australia, said the company will be showcasing the technology at the Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne from July 1st to 10th.

"We believe Subaru is the first Japanese brand to offer such a comprehensive camera system and there are some aspects of the technology that have previously only been available in premium cars that are around four times more expensive," he added.

It comes after Sheffield MP Meg Munn last week claimed that more tests need to be put in place to ensure that older people who drive have adequate vision, in a bid to reduce the number of road accidents in the UK.

by Adrian Galbreth

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