Many schoolchildren "suffering from eye problems"

Many schoolchildren "suffering from eye problems"

By Alexa Kaczka

A new study has found that up to a third of schoolchildren in India may be suffering from sight problems which require vision correction.

The report, carried out by two members of the Indian Institute of Management and printed in the Times of India, suggests that 31 per cent of students assessed in a recent study had vision problems which had not previously been diagnosed and would benefit from wearing glasses or contact lenses.

It also showed that half of the children had not told their parents or teachers about the issue, despite knowing that they had a problem focusing on certain objects.

A further 13 per cent of children were also suffering from hearing problems alongside their eyesight issues, the report found.

Recently Dr Dale Buettner, an optometrist at Wisconsin Vision in Franklin, US, said that he thinks children aged 12 or over are perfect candidates for contact lenses as long as they are responsible individuals and can follow manufacturer recommendations.

by Emily Tait

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