Importance of eyecare "is being ignored"

Importance of eyecare "is being ignored"

Many people are unaware of how following a good eyecare routine can avoid the prospect of vision problems developing, one contact lens manufacturer has pointed out.

Vistakon, a division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, said that following hygienic eyecare routine is only the first step on the road to good vision, with regular visits to an optician, optometrist or other eyecare professional being vital.

As regular eye exams can help to highlight problems before they fully develop and help enable treatment, they could potentially be the difference between healthy eyesight and vision loss, the company pointed out.

Just because people can see fairly well, it does not mean they are immune to vision problems, which could be manifesting themselves below the surface, Vistakon warned.

Recent eye safety advice was offered by Dr Jamuna Pai, speaking to DNA India, who said it is vital that people aiming to look after their eyes take measures to ensure their eyecare regimens are as hygienic as possible.

by Martin Burns

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