Bob Herbert "can"t live without contact lenses"

Bob Herbert "can"t live without contact lenses"

Former journalist and thinktank leader Bob Herbert has revealed how his contact lenses have almost become a part of him and, as a result, he could not possibly live without them.

Herbert, who was a columnist for the New York Times for 18 years, spoke to Politico about his pet peeves and the most important things in his life and revealed that the vision correction products are pretty much essential.

When asked what body part he could not live without, Herbert responded: "My contact lenses. I"ve been wearing them for so many years they seem like a natural part of my body, and without them I"m blind as a bat."

Recently, KT Tunstall revealed how she wears contact lenses while on stage as her vision is generally quite poor.

However, the singer said she had also looked into the possibility of undergoing laser eye surgery to help correct her eyesight.

by Alexa Kaczka

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