Contact lenses "may be used by US military"

Contact lenses "may be used by US military"

Special contact lenses are possibly being used by the US military to assist with covert operations, it has been claimed.

According to one source speaking to Gizmodo.com, the US Seal Team 6 may use night vision contact lenses to help them operate in the dark and track down enemy targets and bases.

As technology for night vision goggles has advanced rapidly over the last ten years, it is entirely possible that contact lenses employing the same type of technology may be used by the military in secret operations, the website theorised.

"These rumoured night vision contacts, however, are almost sci-fi material. People have been speculating about this technology for almost a decade, so perhaps they exist in some hidden Area 51 lab," the site said.

The future of contact lenses development may include the ability to administer drugs to the eye, according to Daniel Kohane, a professor of anaesthesiology and director of the Laboratory for Biomaterials and Drug Delivery at the Children"s Hospital in Boston.

by Martin Burns

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